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"Cowboy" Eddie Long 

  Some may ask who is "Cowboy" Eddie Long?  You don't have to be around Country Music to know who Eddie Long is.  Eddie's is probably most noted for his playing with Hank Williams Jr. for 15 years. and his 5 years with Kenny Chesney just to name a few.

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Confederate Railroad Confederate Railroad Guitar (Steel)
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    While not on the road, Eddie has worked clubs all over the United States and has done extensive recording with RCA Records and BMI just to name a few.

    Eddie started playing pedal steel guitar at 19 and has been playing ever since. The most noted teachers Studied under was Garland Nash and the late great Julian Tharpe. Eddie shares a story of when you was playing in a club across from Julian, when Eddie finished, he'd go over and listen to Julian play from 9:00 to 1:00. After he got to know Julian, he suggested to Eddie that he take 2 weeks off from playing. When Eddie asked him what to do after that, Julian told him to quit. Of course Julian was just kidding, through all that Eddie and Julian got to be very close and Julian took Eddie under his wing to impart a little of that heavenly knowledge. It is uncanny, when you hear Eddie play, he will do a little lick or run that was totally "Julian Tharpe." Eddie long to this date is the only player I have heard that could just rip off those Julian licks and make it sound like Julian was playing.

    Why is the "Cowboy" happy? We have worked with PAICO sound company to produce a sound system designed specifically for Eddie's steel. The PAICO system has been able to give Eddie what he has been wanting. " I have been looking for that sound for "30" years!" PAICO has listened to Eddie and designed exactly what he wanted. A true Stereo System. PAICO has designed three systems to meet Eddie's demands for the studio, small clubs, and his new "Road Gear."


    Why is Eddie smiling after the photo session at the house? The PAICO EL1 Series was the first system designed around Eddie. What makes these cabinets unique is they have a 10' monitor facing inward towards the player and a 12' speaker facing foward. These cabinets weigh under 20 lbs. each. These units are great for small clubs and handle 125 watts each designed for sound and light weight travel. For more information on the other 2 sets that Eddie uses goto the PAICO page Link for more information regarding Eddie's club gear and his up and coming road gear.